Our Expertise

Asclepios Tech, an AgTech impact start-up, has developed its expertise in sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions, and has invented Boxilumix®, an innovative, energy-efficient light signal processing solution. From farm to fork, Boxilumix® sustainably reduces the use of carbon-based chemical inputs and fruit and vegetable losses by protecting them naturally and sustainably against pathogens and climatic hazards, prolonging their shelf life and improving their commercial and nutritional qualities.

The company also offers consulting services, support and laboratory tools to provide sufficient, safe, nutritious, healthy and affordable food for all in a resilient food system, limiting pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, antimicrobial resistance and fruit and vegetable losses and waste, and reducing or even sequestering greenhouse gases, while respecting biodiversity and global health.

Our solutions

At asclepios tech, we’re committed to offering you the very best. So, depending on what you’re looking to develop, Asclepios tech offers you a personalized experience that’s unique to you. We have developed 3 services that can be adapted to any type of project, so that we can best meet your needs and fight together in a sustainable way.

Service 1

Selling our products:

Through this service, we sell the product best suited to your needs. Our advisors will be happy to help you find, select and purchase the product best suited to your project.

Service 2


We have a range of products that can be rented for one-off projects or for testing before making a purchase.

Service 3

In-house service:

Depending on your needs, we can process your products for you on our site, without you having to purchase the solution.

Of course, we remain at your disposal for any problems you may have with maintenance or product use. Our solution doesn’t just offer a product, it’s a total turnkey immersive experience in the service of the environment. Together, let’s fight for greater sustainability and healthy, sovereign food!

Our Team


Co-Founder, CEO

Has a master degree in electronics, industrial automatic & software (Marseille University) and a master’s degree in electronics & computer engineering (Université Paris-Saclay1 CentraleSupélec France), completed by continuous training in project & risk management and cybersecurity. She is cofounder and CEO of Asclepios Tech where she also leads sales and innovation processes at all levels from the conceptualization and designing to prototyping and product release.


She is also President of AYDYNG, a family holding that helps start-ups to lead innovation and develop their defence & security business and that also specialized in sourcing and distributing international technology more specifically orientation & navigation systems for autonomous rovers and drones (Inertial Labs exclusive distributor and support for western Europe). Prior to that, she has been working for several companies for 20 years as software project manager, R&D manager, international project director, and business unit manager in charge of technical management. She was Scientific Computing and Software Engineering Department Director and Member of Executive Committee of Simulog, the first French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (INRIA) Spin Off that became Esterel Technologies and was sold to ANSYS Inc (Nasdaq). Between 1986 and now, she also cofounded several high technologies companies in cybersecurity, software development, IOT, embedded systems, clean water and air, leading her to specialize in opto-electronical solutions and focus on sustainable solutions for clean food, water & air.


Co-Founder, CIO

Has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering (Arts & Métiers France), a doctoral research in Mechanical Engineering University Paris VI, a master’s degree in electronics & computer engineering (Université Paris-Saclay1 CentraleSupélec France), FEANI groupe1 engineering graduated, and an International Executive MBA (ESCP), certified in Leading for Innovation from University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of business, USA, certified in Asian management from Antai College of economics and management Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CHINA as well.


Completed by continuous training (MOOC “RSE & Agro-alimentaire de Bordeaux science agro”, IHEDN, training ‘International Crisis management”, HEC, MOOC Finance Analysis with Professor Pascal Quiry best HEC professor 2013.He is cofounder of Asclepios Tech where he leads business development, scientific activities and impact. He worked for more than 30 years for American, Canadian, Finnish, French companies at C level in research, technic, corporate venture capital, business, and corporate development. For 11 years as Swedish, Delaware & Massachusetts, US holding president and board member. For 15 years he has been Corporate International Growth & innovation Manager of R3/IRTS, a company that has been acquired by worldwide leader Scioteq (Barco). Prior to that he was VP business development of Xplore Technologies Inc, an Austin, TX start-up that was sold to Zebra Technologies. Patrick has been working for Thales Group at different positions Subsidiary technical manager, Venture Capital technical expert, product manager, etc. He is passionate about high tech and sustainable technical alternative solutions to existing processes and solutions. Patrick has an international ecological investment business angel activity for more than 20 years and is a French foreign trade advisor (CCEF), ORSEM[1], QR1, AUSA live member, CNA member, FEMID VP EU Innovation Impact CSR with international recognition 2015 “Global expert of the year Corporate Development, 2012 “Government Services & Public Policy”.

[1] Officier de Réserve en Service d’Etat Major


Co-Founder, Marketing

Has two master’s degrees in podiatry and physiotherapy. During her study she led scientific studies and wrote two scientific theses, one in French and one in Spanish. She was the driving force behind the creation of Asclepios Tech, because of her desire to contribute to improving behavior to protect our planet. She is cofounder of Asclepios Tech where she was responsible for defining and operating R&D protocols to demonstrate solutions effectiveness. Gifted in plastic arts, she now manages marketing activities.


Software engineer


Electronic engineer




Mechanical engineer


Award Les Inn’Ovations 2023_42e « Innovation & Alimentation durable et responsable » Toulouse

Station F – Netexplo 2023 Tech & Sustainabilit

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