Our Products

Thanks to its unique technology, Boxilumix™ is a farm to fork innovative digitalized non-thermal lighting solution. This solution allows to decontaminate fruits & vegetables and to enhance their preservation and quality with drastic reduction of food losses & waste, chemicals usage and foodborne diseases. This solution is energy-efficient and does not require water. The results of the tests are very impressive so far, allowing decontamination by 99.99% and extension of preservation of fresh goods up to 4 times their shelf life.


All Asclepios Tech™ products contain Boxilumix™ inside with several applications.

  • Preserve user health

  • No Chemicals, no antibiotics

  • Extended working temperature -30°C to +50°C

  • Low energy consumption

  • No water consumption

  • Compact (1/10 in volume, weight as competition technologies)

  • Fast Treatment time

  • Exists in mobile version

Boxilab™ for small volume treatments