Aiming at increasing yield and grower profitability,
Asclepios Tech™ treatments may be applied Farm to Fork
  • Farming: Seed priming, growing, greenhouses, post-harvest, irrigation water

  • Food Plants: pre & post-harvest, surfaces, water, containers

  • Smart logistics, refrigerated containers

  • Retails, supermarkets, food display

  • Food service, hotels, restaurants, catering

Aiming at reducing chemicals as well as loss and waste,
Boxilumix™ signals provide different treatments
to provide sustainable food with health benefit

Dry decontamination effective on antibiotic resistant bacteria

Boxilumix is able to decontaminate a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as useful plants. Most of virus, bacteria and fungus exposed under Boxilumix signals are reduced up to 99,99 %. This will help to provide healthy food to consumers.


Shelf-life extension

Asclepios Tech demonstrated Boxilumix ability to enhance preservation of some fruits and vegetables by applying specifical signals. Not only this will allow to bring much more food to the consumer but also it will contribute to reduce retails and home food waste.

Loss reduction

The slower fruits and vegetables treated by Boxilumix mature, the slower they lose weight. Thus, the mass of products to be sold is preserved, guaranteeing a fair income to the producers and loss reduction.


Seeds priming

Boxilumix can contribute to replace chemical seeds treatments by a physical process reducing fertilizers and pesticides use and no water consumption.

Acceleration or delay of ripening of fruits and vegetable

As light contributes to fruits and vegetables ripening, Boxilumix signals mastering allows to give needed light at the right moment. Farmers will then be able to better manage their production, increasing incomes and reducing loss.


Plant developpement acceleration

Regular exposure of plants to Boxilumix signals accelerate not only plant growing but also roots development. Enlarging roots increases interactions between soil CO2 concentration, temperature, soil water content and root respiration contributing to soil CO2 absorption and soil preservation.

Enhancement of nutritional density

Asclepios Tech R&D team works on applying Boxilumix non thermal treatments to provide healthier nutritious agri-food to consumers by enhancing nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants that are essential to offer protection against development of Non Communicable Diseases.