About Us

At Asclepios Tech™, being partners in the ecological and energy transition of farmers is a vocation!


Asclepios Tech™ is a French green tech start-up company based near Toulouse in Occitanie which is 1st agricultural region in France in terms of surface area, 1st organic region in number of farms (7227 = 20% of French organics farmers) and the world's largest vineyard in terms of surface area for origin wines.

Asclepios Tech™ developed its expertise in Eco-friendly sustainable solutions and invented Boxilumix™, a farm to fork innovative digitalized non-thermal energy-efficient lighting solution linked to a specific database. This system allows to decontaminate fruits & vegetables and to enhance their preservation with drastic reduction of food losses & waste, chemicals usage and foodborne diseases. The results of the tests are very impressive so far, allowing decontamination by 99.99% and extension of preservation of fresh goods up to 4 times their shelf life. This SME also proposes consulting, support, laboratory tools to scientifically evaluate the impact of the fluence and follow-up tailored made strategic advice and other applications that want to address specific gaps for solution building, testing, demonstration providing sufficient, safe, nutritious, healthy and affordable food for all in a resilient food system, fighting against hazardous pesticides, antimicrobial resistance, F&V losses and waste, nitrogen & phosphorus &GHG-emissions reduction considering insect pollinators while enhancing nutrients.

In December 2020, Boxilumix™ has been awarded by international Solar Impulse Foundation as an efficient solution to protect the environment in a profitable way, among 1,000 worldwide labeled solutions


Stakeholders team from Asclepios Tech SAS is constituted of experts and young collaborators, mainly engineers with different technical skills such as Electronics, Mechanics and Software Engineering but also with international sales experience. The company respects parity between women and men.