Photobiology for vegetal

Boxilumix, Asclepios Tech’s unique sustainable solution, communicates with plants through modulated light signals to reduce, farm to fork, farmer waste, chemical use and nutrients loss in fresh fruits and vegetables naturally.

About us

As a trailblazer in smart and respectful communication with plants through light signals, Asclepios Tech allows to protect fruits & vegetables against pathogens and climate changes, to extend shelf-life and to enhance commercial and nutritional qualities yield with drastic reduction of food losses & waste, chemicals usage and foodborne diseases farm to fork. Thanks to its unique eco-friendly and energy-efficient technology, Boxilumix® is an innovative digitalized light signaling solution with positive impacts.

Our Services

Asclepios Tech offers differents services related to the use of boxilumix technology.


Each of our products has been designed to meet a need, from farm to fork.





Protect your productions with Boxilumix